Who we are and our Manifesto

Who we are and our Manifesto

What is life without the arts?

At Peregrine Coast Press, our publishing co-op, we focus on bringing the arts to all through stunning artwork, brilliant writing, and unparalleled creativity.

The following manifesto details our commitments as a press to our co-op members, artists and writers, readers, and the larger community.


Peregrine Coast Press started as a place for writers and artists to share their love of popular media — and we want it to stay that way, while also taking chances on unique projects that may not be published elsewhere. This interdisciplinary approach allows us to enthusiastically share new ways of understand the world and furthering social justice through the arts.

We’re committed to giving new writers and artists and historically marginalized writers and artists a voice in publishing — and inviting folks to share their expertise about both adversities faced by and successes of these communities.

Inclusivity & Equity in Publishing

Our press has a zero tolerance policy on racism, classism, ableism, sexism, and homophobia. We’re creating an inclusive and safe environment for co-op members, writers, artists, creatives, and our readers.

Fascists fuck off.


As a publisher of innovative and creative projects, Peregrine Coast Press is building an open and positive brand image that reflects the type of work we publish and our commitment to justice and the power of co-ops.

What is a co-op?
Co-ops are autonomous businesses run by members using a democratic system where each member has an equal share in the company. These businesses benefit co-op members, the larger co-op movement, and the community at-large.

Learn more about workers’ co-ops.

Over our first year, we will build an open and positive brand image. Our business goals and the visual content we produce will celebrate writers, artists, and pop culture with a fun, but critical edge.

Commitment to Writers & Artists

Writers, artists, and other creatives deserve to be paid fair, competitive rates for their work.

At Peregrine Coast Press, fair pay for contributors are included in budgets and crowdfunding goals from the get-go. Additionally, in a commitment to transparency we share who we work with, how much we pay, and our costs per publication.


Social Justice

Publishing historically marginalized voices is not enough — we also need to support their communities and movements. Each year, Peregrine Coast Press will donate a portion of earnings to support grassroots community organizing groups doing important work in their communities.


We know the publishing industry is not without its environmental impacts. Our press commits to staying aware of the footprint we leave behind, while also prioritizing sustainable and climate-friendly alternatives within production.

Additionally, we publish a twice yearly Environmental Impact Review, which will be available to the public.

Helping hands

It’s hard to get started in publishing — we know that. So, we’re leaving the ladder behind. Peregrine Coast Press will share everything we’ve learned and built to help other indies grow.