Announcing: Peregrine Post and some other minor updates

Announcing: Peregrine Post and some other minor updates

Hey folks!

Winter is slowly upon us in the UK, and the rocketing cost of living means I’m wrapped up in several jumpers typing this up. Hope you’re all staying safe in your respective countries.

We’ve got a really big announcement to make today:

Peregrine Post

Illustrated postcards brought to you by Peregrine Coast Press. Featuring our favourite film and games, illustrated by our in-house illustrator Megan Dobbyn on one side, with words by our words lead Sydney Bollinger on the other. We didn’t want to be another online media site so we’re choosing to do what we do best: fantastic editorial and gorgeous illustration in print.

Every month, we’ll deliver one postcard straight to your postbox for only £5 a month, worldwide postage included. We’re starting this October with a special series featuring some classic horror icons, and a special launch offer of £4 a month *for life* for the next two weeks.

We’ll see what the uptake is like after these three months, consider the feedback we get, and go from there. This is another step for the Press to become a sustainable business for us.

Safe in Our World

Last month we also partnered with Safe in our World to become a “Level-up Partner”. They’re a mental health charity working in the games industry to provide employers with the tools to support their workers’ wellness. By partnering with SioW, Peregrine Coast Press pledges to combat burnout internally and support one another.

Considering we’re all in full time or part time employment, with the Press being a side-gig, it’s important that we keep a handle on the time spent in and out of work. The resources SioW provides us with can be a great means to that end.

We’re also working on something exciting with the SioW team, but we can’t talk about it for now. Watch this space!

Minor Updates

Studio Space

We’re starting to look for studio space in Leeds that can double up as a new centre for our fulfilment and distribution work, as well as a studio for a few of us to work in the same space. We’re still remote-first, considering our team is split across the UK, the Netherlands (soon), Thailand (for now - Harry’s on his travels right now!), and the US.


We’ve worked with almost 15 creators at this point, mailing out their shop orders, Kickstarters, and projects. We still mostly rely on Twitter for marketing which very much has its ups and downs. Our reach is fairly limited! So, to make use of the fact that we’re mailing out tens of packages every week, I designed a little packing slip we can throw into everything we mail out. It’s a bit old-school, but I think it leans into the things we love to do: write, design, and mail. It doubles up as a mission statement for us, too. Check it out and let me know what you think!

You'll start seeing these in every package we send out.

And, to wrap things up: let us know in the comments below what’s on your Halloween watch/read/play list this month.

Much love,

Eryk Sawicki

Eryk Sawicki

Designer and ne'er do well
Glasgow, Scotland