April 2023: Freshly Stocked at the Press!

April 2023: Freshly Stocked at the Press!

Welcome to our April Stock Update! We have lots of new items in the shop (and some amazing discounts on cool things)!

Unexplained Scotland

The 2nd Edition of Unexplained Scotland is here! This new edition has been cleaned up a bit and we added an ISBN.

Want some Scotland weirdness at a discount? We still have copies of the first edition 50% off!

Dulcify Journal

Dulcify Journal is a thoughtfully curated, annual food publication that champions creatives, conversation and community. It’s a beautifully printed, kitchen keepsake containing interviews, conversational pieces and photography series.

We’re quite keen to expand our stock into more boutique, independently published magazines outside of TTRPGs and Dulcify is a good start. Watch this space!


A chiptuned fantasy RPG, MEKKAKONKRETE is a 24 pages comedic TTRPG where you and your friends play as robots called Mekkas, exploring a medieval world full of morally questionable inhabitants. Fight your way through hordes of greedy cultists, angry knights, and giant salamanders.

We recently release Novecento Manfredi’s MEKKAKONKRETE! This is a project we love and we are honored to partner with Novecento as the official publisher of this creative and comedic TTRPG.

New Books from 404 Ink

As we go forward as a publisher we want the books on our store to represent the morals and ethics of Peregrine Coast Press. In March we added an eclectic bunch of books from independent authors that are topical, unique and perfectly in line with our beliefs as a press.

They Came to Slay: The Queer Culture of D&D

Thom James Carter invites readers into the D&D's exciting queer, utopian possibilities, traversing its history and contemporary evolution, the queer potential resting within gameplay, the homebrewers making it their own, stories from fellow players, and the power to explore and examine identity and how people want to lead their lives in real and imagined worlds alike.

Nasty Women

People, politics, pressure, punk — from working class experience to racial divides in Trump’s America, being a child of immigrants, to sexual assault, Brexit, pregnancy, contraception, identity, family, finding a voice online, role models and more, Nasty Women is a collection of essays and accounts on being a woman in the 21st century.


Known Frequencies

Tune in, turn out, drop what you're doing

Known Frequencies is a lo-fi in-universe zine made for Mothership.  Written from the perspective of a future ham radio society, the zine details various transmissions that can be received in space, including a cosmic shipping forecast, a Lynchian radio drama and a frequency that immobilises security systems.

This zine was made for Mothership's Voices of the Void jam. It contains no mechanics, just 8 pages of pure flavour, with details you can weave into or use to inspire your Mothership adventures.

Printed on neon green or pink paper.

Spicy Tuna

It’s time to play Mothership with our latest Spicy Tuna restock.

Familiar Faces vol. 1

Familiar Faces vol. 1 is a zine of story hooks. Discover new opportunities through this new set of characters, as well as three new settings. Each of the NPCs have four pages dedicated to them, which includes a portrait and details about their relationships in the world.

Familiar Faces Notebook

Need to keep track of connections, jobs, and services of the NPCs from Familiar Faces vol. 1? Then the Familiar Faces Notebook will be your friend! Do all of that and enjoy extra lined pages in the back to take notes on the three new settings.

Knights of Lazarus

Knights of Lazarus, complete with 20+ rumors and a dungeon — The Ship Canterbury — will take your crew on an adventure to discover the best tactics to combat specialized enemies, roleplay through encounters, and choose whether to retreat or push their luck through the dungeon.

Planet Builder + Design Book

Quell writer’s block with Planet Builder from Spicy Tuna! This zine features 43 random tables to detail any area a sci-fi setting would need. Tables can work on their own or can be combined together to create unique settings for your next Mothership session.

Reviews. Books. Ads.

Reviews. Books. Ads. features cut-and-pasted covers and ads reviewed by a “bored and beaten” merc.

This “found artifact” is an in-world lofi zine that is stateless and player-facing compatible.

Spicy Tuna Stories No. 34

Enjoy this zine of poetry, LiDAR burrow maps, space horror sketches, and four comics from Tales of The Laughing Sphinx Co.!

This zine can tie-in and extend other Mothership third party zines including “Familiar Faces vol. 1.”

This “found artifact” is an in-world lofi zine that is stateless and player-facing compatible.

Pandion Games

Badger + Coyote

Spend some quality time with a friend playing Badger + Coyote from Pandion Games! This asymmetrical, GM-less duet game sees Badger and Coyote using their unique skills to thrive (and survive) each day.

Waffles for Esther

Love a good cozy mystery? Reading for a solo game sesh? Waffles for Esther is for you! This solo mystery journaling game has you play as a waitress in a small town whose regular customer – Esther – has gone missing. It’s up to you to find out what happened.

The Jester King’s Dance

In this solo journaling game, you will uncover the mystery of the Jester King – who they are and the terrible deeds that surround them. You write their story as you go through each step, dice roll, and card flip. You decide if they deserve forgiveness for what they’ve done. Piece together the clues to discover their sordid history.

Dungeon Year Journal

Now on sale!

Inspired by Sean Mccoy’s challenge to build a megadungeon one room a day in 2023, The Dungeon Year Journal is the place to let your creativity fly!

The journal features day entries, dot grid paper, a day tracker, and tables & generators to guide you as you create your dungeon!

Sydney Bollinger

Sydney Bollinger

Sydney Bollinger (she/her) is an arts & entertainment and climate writer based in Charleston, S.C. She has an MS in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana.
Charleston, SC
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Eryk Sawicki

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