What We’re Up To: April 2023

What We’re Up To: April 2023

Hello and Happy April! Somehow we’re already a quarter into 2023 and I can hardly believe it!

March was a busy, busy month for us at the press with finishing Filmmakers Without Cameras: The Trilogy, announcing Sidekick, catching up on Peregrine Post postcards, hanging out at WASD, and the many, many other things that go on behind the scenes (most of which involve running a shop & our fulfillment and distribution work).

Read on to learn more about some of our projects and updates!

Filmmakers Without Cameras: The Trilogy

We’re nearing the finish line! Filmmakers Without Cameras: The Trilogy is currently printing with Standart Impressa, which means that copies should be hitting mailboxes sometime this month! We so appreciate your patience as we mitigated the myriad of roadblocks we encountered throughout the process.

You can trust us when we say that it is well worth the wait and we’re so excited to share this issue with you 💜

Peregrine Post

February postcards (Little Shop of Horrors) will be sent out to everyone this week and March postcards (The Last of Us) will be sent to print! We know that we’ve been behind on this front, but we’re working diligently to catch up and ensure postcards are delivered within the correct month.

That said, if you missed our Horror Icons postcard collection, you can now purchase it on our shop 😊


Safe in our World
The Peregrine Coast Press Store and Shop imports to the UK and sells indie RPGs, accessories, and games from international creators.

Sidekick: The Video Games Mental Health Journal is both a journal and a resource focused on improving the mental health of those in the games community (and anyone who needs it).

We are so excited to be collaborating with Safe in our World for this project!

Read more about Sidekick in our official announcement.

Independent Creator Spotlight

March’s creator feature came a little late (having been published earlier this week), but we were so excited to have the opportunity to talk with Iko of The Lost Bay Studio.

Upcoming spotlights will feature Freya of A Fistful of Ink/Crits and Novecento, the creator of MEKKAKONKRETE.

Peregrine Pocketbooks

Peregrine Pocketbooks are underway! We’re happy to announce that we ended up accepting two of the proposals. Contracts have now been signed and writing timelines have been sent out.

We expect for these to be ready in Fall 2023 — just in time for the winter holidays.

If you requested feedback… please know that I’m still working on it! I’m hoping to have all feedback sent in the next two weeks. I appreciate your patience!

Small Bits

2023 Events

Amongst all of the publishing and retail work we’re doing, Eryk’s also trying to get us to appear at more in-person events. There are a few we’ve confirmed and some we’re still waiting for confirmation from. Here’s what we’ve got lined up so far:

Tabletop Scotland (Perth, August)
UK Games Expo (Birmingham, July 4th)
Leeds Press Fest (Leeds, September)
ThoughtBubble (Harrogate, November)
Dragonmeet (London, December 2nd)

If you’ll be at any of these, make sure to pop by and say hello!


We recently release Novecento Manfredi’s MEKKAKONKRETE! This is a project we love and we are honored to partner with Novecento as the official publisher of this creative and comedic TTRPG.

Unexplained Scotland (2nd Edition)

The 2nd Edition of Unexplained Scotland is here! This new edition has been cleaned up a bit and we added an ISBN.

Want some Scotland weirdness at a discount? We still have copies of the first edition 50% off!

Projects From Your Friends at the Press


Big, big thanks to everyone who supported my Kickstarter for Death Wish! We were able to fully fund the project (and then some). The next step will be to send the zines to print.

If you haven’t ordered a copy yet, do not fear!  Preorders on the Peregrine Coast Press shop will open soon 🙂

Well, that’s all for this update! Stay tuned for the projects we have on the horizon.

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Until next month,
Sydney & Eryk

Sydney Bollinger

Sydney Bollinger

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