Filmmakers Without Cameras: The Trilogy - Out Now!

Filmmakers Without Cameras: The Trilogy - Out Now!

The highly anticipated Filmmakers Without Cameras: The Trilogy is out now! After months (and months and months) of work from our writers, artists, and team here at Peregrine Coast Press, it’s difficult to encapsulate just how happy we are to see the collection in the hands of readers and Peregrine Coast Press supporters from all over.

Like with any big project, letting FWC: The Trilogy out into the world came with both stress and excitement. Were people going to like it? Were our backers going to be upset after months of waiting? Were there going to be production issues? What if someone didn’t receive their copy? Or was there a typo?

These stressors compounded by burnout (more on this later) made the release an anxious time, which then spiralled to us thinking: why aren’t we excited? Shouldn’t we be glad it’s done?

The truth is we can worry and question ourselves to death, but in the end we just have to let it go. Since we began sending out the physical editions at the end of April, we’ve been flooded with love on all corners of the internet. It’s an understatement to say that we appreciate your support of us and this project.

We love seeing your pictures and kind words, and most of all, we love that you’re recommending The Trilogy to your friends, family, and whoever! After a rough start to April (sales-wise), being able to see the excitement around this project that brought the team at the Press together was especially heartwarming.

What did it take to make Filmmakers Without Cameras: The Trilogy?

There were six of us at the Press who worked hard to make Filmmakers Without Cameras: The Trilogy happen. The original idea came from Eryk, who brought the rest of us on to the press with The Trilogy as our first project. Hugh joined and brought his expertise in fulfilment, distribution, and a whole host of other things. Harry worked on marketing and promotional campaigns. Sydney edited all of the new articles. Megan provided illustrations and artistic expertise, and Dani handled our finances!

While the composition of the team changed over the course of the project (we went from 6 to 5 and then 4), this was truly a collaborative effort. We all put in hours outside of our day jobs to get Filmmakers Without Cameras: The Trilogy into your hands. Finishing it has not only been a big milestone for us as a press, but also for us individually.

What You’ve Said About The Trilogy

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Sydney Bollinger

Sydney Bollinger

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