We handle everything from receiving pallets, picking, packing, shipping and customs.

You just let us know what you're sending, ship it to us and we'll get it sent out. No drama.

Kickstarter fulfillment

We've worked with several Kickstarters in the zine publishing space to help them get their prints packed and sent out! We handle everything for a fixed price so you can be upfront with your backers. We do the customs declarations too; so you can be sure nothing will be held up!

You just let us know what you're sending, ship it to us and we'll get it sent out. No drama.

Dropshipping and reverse logistics

As a small company we can be super flexible with what services we offer and we're pleased to support a full complement of inbound and outbound services.

This works well if you need us to store, ship out and then collect on your behalf. Examples include event cases, WFH equipment and stock consolidation & forwarding.

Full inventory management is included, and we'll work through your requirements to give you a fully tailored service.

Swag shipping for online events

We can help! Retaining that physical connection with attendees is important, and we know how delightful a selection of goodies can be. It can really make the difference! It's also a great way to engage attendees with your sponsors and another option you can add to your sponsor deck.

Ship us your swag, tell us what you want in each swag pack and let us know who we're sending it to. Then you can make a cuppa and move the Trello card over!

We prefer the personal touch, so we always work with you to find the best solution and offer the most competitive quote.

To get you started, here's some baseline figures:

UKEuropeThe World
A5 zine£3£4£6
Box of swag£5£8£15

It's simple: what you ship is what you pay, and we do give volume discounts.

Every customer is important, and each quote is individual. As a small company you can be sure we care about you and your success, and we'll work our hardest to make it an amazing experience ✨

Customised services like reverse logistics are completely tailored to your needs, ping us an email to find out more.

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