Fulfilment Pricing Update

Fulfilment Pricing Update

Happy New Year folks!

It’s been a while since our last fulfilment update and we wanted to share some exciting new shipping options we’ve been working on, as well as some general service updates.

Tracked Shipping

A few folks have asked for this and it is something we have previously offered on demand. We’ve now added the pricing to our Docs page and are pleased to offer Tracked to all our customers.

We know the current UK pricing isn’t great, and we’re actively working to bring that down. Watch this space!

DDP to the EU

We never like getting that card through the post saying we have extra customs charges to pay on a package, nor paying that exorbitant handling fee.

So we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be offering DDP to certain EU countries, so your customers won’t need to pay anything extra to receive their orders! Their zines should arrive quicker and more reliably.

We’ll be charging you a flat 20% of the customs value for all supported countries, inclusive of all taxes and our administration costs, to make it easier to charge your customers.

You can find out more on our Docs page.

International Disruption

As you may or may not be aware, Royal Mail, who are our principle supplier for postage of individual orders, suffered a cyberattack a few weeks ago. This left them unable to process customs data for international shipments.

This situation is now resolved and we’re in the process of clearing our backlog of international orders from customers. We’re really sorry that this happened, and we’re doing our best to get everything shipped as quickly as we can.


Inflation has been biting hard and we’re no exception to that! We’ve been really trying to actively reduce our costs to offer you the best possible fulfilment prices.

Unfortunately we have had rate increases from our suppliers and although we previously absorbed those costs, we are now having to pass some of them on.

You’ll see some of our Untracked prices increasing by between 10% to 25%. These increases will take effect for orders shipped on or after the 17th of February.

We’re really sorry to be putting up prices, but ultimately we need to make the Press sustainable and ensure we are around for the longer term.