No more customs fees for EU orders!

No more customs fees for EU orders!

We’ve got some exciting news for all EU folks who buy from our store (

We know paying import taxes when you get a package, plus that steep handling charge, is super frustrating. Thanks Brexit.

However, from today we’ll be collecting the applicable EU tax at checkout, so you’ll get your orders quicker and you can say goodbye to those irritating handling charges!

Awesome, huh?

If you’re on our store, make sure you’re seeing the correct prices in EUR for your region (there’s a country selector at the bottom) as that’ll include the correct VAT upfront. Magic ✨

For the tax nerds, we’ve registered for the EU’s IOSS scheme (in Estonia no less 🇪🇪) and with some magic we’ll calculate the tax you owe, charge you for it and then send it on the way to the tax authorities. When we ship your parcel it’ll have an identifier that lets the customs authority check everything is in order.

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Where will I see the tax collected?

When you check out and add your shipping address, you’ll see the taxes broken down for you in the order summary. We handle all the rest!

Is there a maximum order amount?

Yes, €‎150. If you want to order over that then you can either split your order, or ping us an email and we can sort out something else.

What if I have an existing order?

Orders that were placed before we enabled IOSS will still go through the normal customs processes - sorry.

If you’re got an order open on the store which we haven’t fulfilled yet (eg. a Trilogy pre-order) then reply to your order confirmation email and we can sort this out with you.

If you’re a Kickstarter backer then unfortunately we won’t be able to do anything about this right now. We’re looking at how best we can do this in the future.

Does this impact fulfilment services?

Not yet. We offer both DDU and DDP fulfilment but we aren’t currently offering any IOSS related services.