Join Peregrine Coast Press on Mastodon!

Join Peregrine Coast Press on Mastodon!

tl;dr: we’ve got a Mastodon instance. We’ll be posting content over on our and we’re opening sign ups for those subscribed to Peregrine Coast Post 🎉

As you may have noticed, things haven’t been going so well over at a popular social media site recently. We’ve made loads of friends over at Twitter and the Press wouldn’t be where it is today, with all our supporters, without that community. So it’s pretty sad to see it wither.

However, new communities are springing up and one of those is over on the Fediverse - mostly around Mastodon 🐘

Huh, what’s a ‘Mastodon’?

Mastodon is a piece of open source software that gives you a server which can talk to other servers on what is known as the ‘Fediverse’. It’s a decentralised social network, so communities and individuals run their own servers which share content (or federate) across the network.

That means it doesn’t matter too much which server you’re on - you can interact with everyone else, but there isn’t a central individual, organisation or corporation calling all the shots.

Why has Peregrine Coast Press started one?

We loved the community that we built up on Twitter over the years, and we want to find a new home for that and meet new people. There are already some board games and TTRPG related servers up and running but we feel it’s important that as a co-op we give back to both ‘our community’, and the folks on Mastodon.

The Fediverse only succeeds if we all pull our collective fingers out and put in a bit of elbow grease - it’s not funded by adverts so we’re paying for the server. We hope that this means it’ll be a nicer space to hang out that’s free from the worst excesses of capitalism.

Sounds great, can I sign up?

Yes! For the moment we’re letting all of our Peregrine Coast Post subscribers sign up to our instance.

This is for two practical reasons:

  • As subscribers to the Press, they are helping cover the hosting costs
  • We don’t want to get too distracted and have a server with thousands of people not really connected to what we’re doing

If you are a subscriber, check below for more details!

What about moderation?

Moderation is done at a local level on Mastodon. We have server rules which everyone will be expected to follow.

You can always report content within Mastodon that’s on our server, and we’ll take action.

We also don’t federate with servers that fail to moderate content or who actively allow or promote content which goes against our rules or values. We’ll continually update this list.