Saying Goodbye to Peregrine Post

Saying Goodbye to Peregrine Post

After some conversations between members of the Press, we’ve decided to discontinue Peregrine Post, our postcard subscription service. We’re so thankful to everyone who supported this little endeavor of ours and we truly enjoyed working with artists to commission custom art (and writing y’all some messages right from the heart)!

Why are you discontinuing Peregrine Post?

Our original intention with Peregrine Post was to create a way for y’all to be sustaining supporters of Peregrine Coast Press and receive something fun in return.

Over the six months that we’ve had the program, we’ve realized that we receive so much support through our retail shop. We love being able to stock new and established game designers, writers, and artists, and have enjoyed seeing orders come in every month. Every purchase from our shop goes to support the work we do!

From the beginning, Peregrine Post has never been able to pay for itself, and as a small press with a small budget, discontinuing Post and putting more effort into our shop (which is the majority of our income) is the right move for us at this time.

While it’s important to us to highlight the work of artists we love — and have a way for y’all to provide support — we feel the work I (Syd) put into managing the project would be better allocated to doing things like improving copy on our shop, continuing to manage our blog, and editing current and future publications.

It has also been difficult for us to stay on top of sending Post out every month — and we take full responsibility for this! While we love the project, it is all-hands-on-deck because all four of us contribute to it in some way, and often more pressing things (like Filmmakers Without Cameras, Sidekick, and fulfilling daily orders from our shop) take precedence.

I still haven’t received postcards for April and May. Are they coming?

We are still sending April and May postcards! We are behind (see above), but rest assured that they will make it to your mailbox!

They will feature artwork by Matt Miles and writing by our very own Harry Stainer!

I have a monthly subscription to Peregrine Post. What will happen to my subscription?

If you have a monthly subscription, we will revert your subscription to our free tier. You will still be subscribed to our weekly-ish newsletter.

I have an annual subscription to Peregrine Post. What will happen to my subscription?

Since you paid for a full year, we will send a £30 gift card for our shop! The £30 is what’s left after we prorate your subscription to Peregrine Post.

We will revert your subscription to our free tier.

Will Peregrine Post be coming back?

At this time, we don’t have plans to bring Peregrine Post back — but that doesn’t mean it’s out of the realm of possibility. Right now, though, we want to focus on all the incredible projects we’re working on 🎉

Big Thanks!

A huge thank you to everyone who supported Peregrine Post! We really appreciate your subscriptions and enthusiasm 💜

Sydney Bollinger

Sydney Bollinger

Sydney Bollinger (she/her) is an arts & entertainment and climate writer based in Charleston, S.C. She has an MS in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana.
Charleston, SC