Peregrine Post

Peregrine Post

Who doesn’t want to receive a postcard each month with original art and writing?

We love getting things in the mail. There’s something extra special about that postcard from a friend who’s exploring a new country — or even that person down the street.

Peregrine Post is our postcard subscription service. Each month you’ll receive a new film- or games-themed postcard illustrated by resident artist Megan Dobbyn with a message from our words lead Sydney Bollinger.

These postcards are certifiable art, printed on cardstock so you can frame and display them once they arrive.

With a £5 per month (or £50 per year) subscription, you’ll never miss a postcard.

Doing what we do best – print media

Peregrine Post wasn’t always going to be Peregrine Post. What became our postcard subscription first started as an idea for an online film and games site. During the planning phase, we couldn’t figure out the angle for our online publication and struggled with how we would operate it. Then, we thought about what we do best: print media.

With Peregrine Coast, we’re celebrating the beauty of physical art and writing you can hold in your hand.

New collections every four months

Each collection features three postcards with original art and writing. At Peregrine Coast Press, we collaborate with artists so we can send you one-of-a-kind postcards.

Current & Future Collections

Current Collection: Video Games on Screen
Writer: Harry Stainer, Artist: Matt Miles
Mar 2023: The Last of Us
Apr 2023: Super Mario
May 2023: Fallout
Jun 2023: Newsletter

Future Collection: TBA
Writer: TBA, Artist: Rae Sumlin
Feb 2023: TBA
Mar 2023: TBA
Apr 2023: TBA
May 2023: TBA

Past Collections

Iconic 80s Horror
Writer: Sydney Bollinger, Artist: Megan Dobbyn
Oct 2022: Beetlejuice
Nov 2022: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Dec 2022: The Lost Boys
Jan 2023: Little Shop of Horrors

Every subscription supports indie creators

It’s not just a postcard, either.

With your subscription, you’re supporting the work of Peregrine Coast Press. Like any independent press, we have overhead costs in addition to the income we prioritize for paying writers and artists, and supporting new creators.

It’s a sweet deal: you get a postcard and fund the projects of your favorite independent publisher.

Find our postcards

If you’re not a subscriber (or maybe missed a past postcard release) and want to get your hands on one of our postcards, find us at one of our in-person events.

We also plan to release collections in our shop. Keep an eye out for this in 2023.

The best way to make sure you get your postcards, though, is to subscribe! Still not sure if you want to subscribe? Click the button below to get your first postcard free!