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Peregrine Coast Press is a publisher of TTRPGs, popular media magazines, nonfiction and fiction books, and other things yet to be determined! As a press, our goal is to champion the work of independent creators by providing a platform and the resources for those same creators to seek publication of their work.

We’re committed to giving new, historically marginalized, and underrepresented writers and artists a voice in writing and publication. As a small press, we have an innovative approach to publishing and are able to take on projects that may not be published by a traditional publishing house.

Who we are and our Manifesto
At Peregrine Coast Press, we focus on bringing the arts to all through stunning artwork, brilliant writing, and unparalleled creativity. The following manifesto details our commitments as a press to our co-op members, artists and writers, readers, and the larger community.

The Peregrine Coast Press team is fully equipped to handle all stages of the publishing process from editing to marketing to retail. We’re here to support our creators by providing individual attention throughout the process and working with them to perfect manuscripts for print.

Creator Fund: supporting independent writers

£1 from every sale in the Peregrine Coast Press shop goes to the Creator Fund, our way to highlight historically marginalized and underrepresented voices in media writing and tabletop game design. Publications supported by the creator fund will alternate between our nonfiction media analysis series Peregrine Pocketbooks and our soon-to-be-titled TTRPG series.

For these series, writers receive a £150 advance and 50/50 split on royalties from sales.

Peregrine Pocketbooks

Submissions now open! Proposal deadline: January 31, 2023.

Supported by the Creator Fund, Peregrine Pocketbooks is a series of books that take a closer look at some of our favorite films, books, games, and TV shows. With this series, we aim to take the insight and passion from Filmmakers Without Cameras and use it to produce quality, insightful publications from a variety of writers.

Pocketbooks are on the shorter side of nonfiction, coming in at around 20,000 words (50 pages). Each book receives a small print run of 75-100 copies.

Proposal Guidelines

Each proposal should contain the following:

  • 250-400 word “pitch” about your idea detailing the main points of your work and the importance of the topic for the wider community
  • 250-400 word creator statement sharing why you are the best person to write about this topic AND a short bio
  • List of media you plan to mention in your manuscript
  • 3 relevant clips (links, PDF versions, or plain copy is fine and clips do not have to be published)

Please compile all information into one document (PDF, .docx, or .gdoc are preferred) and send to with the subject “[Peregrine Pocketbooks] PROPOSAL TITLE.”

All proposals must be submitted by January 31, 2023. Writers will be notified of the status of their proposal in February 2023.

Email Sydney ( with any questions.

TTRPG Series

We love indie game designers and want to support new voices in that arena. In our TTRPG series we work with a game designer on developing a new idea from start to finish.

More information about the TTRPG series to come.

Publish your work with Peregrine Coast Press

Interested in publishing your work with Peregrine Coast Press? Keep an eye out for our calls for proposals or pitches. We release announcements through our newsletter and post on social media. All proposals and pitches can be sent to

Opportunities come up often for our Creator Fund-supported book and TTRPG series and Filmmakers Without Cameras, a magazine of writing on popular media. We’re often working on new projects.

Contact us about publishing

If you have questions about publishing at Peregrine Coast Press, please contact our Words Lead, Sydney, at

Our Publications

Filmmakers Without Cameras

Filmmakers Without Cameras: The Trilogy (pre-order)
Shipping in December. The Trilogy is a single collection of every issue of Filmmakers Without Cameras so far, Issue 1, Issue 2, and the brand new Issue 3. It features a new layout and an exclusive cover illustrated by Evangeline Gallagher, and contains over 150 pages of thoughtful writing on films,…

Unexplained Scotland

Unexplained Scotland
We like to think of Unexplained Scotland and the stories told in it as a David Bowie mixtape. Sure, maybe you’ve heard of classics like The Gorbals Vampire (Changes), but the mix also includes underrated deep cuts like Nessie’s Exorcism (Watch That Man) and even one story that should probably be lef…

Transmission for Them

Transmission for Them
A solo journaling game about lovers lost in space, playable with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. -- Six years have passed since your lover left Earth. Six years you’ve spent on a ship in the quiet of Space, trying to find them. You sit at the edges of the Universe, reserves low, watching life…