[swag/ship/hack]# Has Joined Peregrine Coast Press

Peregrine Coast Press now offers fulfilment and distribution services following partnership with [swag/ship/hack]#

Hugh Wells, of [swag/ship/hack]#, joined Peregrine Coast Press (“The Press”) in June 2022. Now, The Press is equipped to handle in-house distribution and fulfilment, while also offering our expertise —including Kickstarter fulfilment, consolidation, and pallet distribution—to other independent creators and publishers.

In the past [swag/ship/hack]# has worked with Filmmakers Without Cameras, Lost in Cult, Sidetrade, HackathonsUK, various hackathons, and more.

Existing SSH customers and contracts will continue to be served during the transition period.

Sydney Bollinger

Sydney Bollinger

Sydney Bollinger (she/her) is an arts & entertainment and climate writer based in Charleston, S.C. She has an MS in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana.
Charleston, SC