Come See Us at UKGE!

Come See Us at UKGE!

This weekend (June 2 - 4) we’ll be at UKGE at NEC Birmingham! Eryk and Harry (and maybe Hugh) will be hanging out at Stall 1-261, so definitely stop by!

Our Convention Stock

UKGE is the largest game convention in the UK, and it will be our largest event to date. Over the past few months, we’ve been working with independent creators to champion their projects, which means we can offer some of the best independent tabletop gaming there is!

Just for fun, we wanted to highlight some of our favorites:

Alchemistresses (Allison Kyran Cole, Dora Elizabeth Rogers, Michael Marcotte) - In this game, you’ll revisit the trials and tribulations of high school when playing as the reincarnation of powerful, magic beings known as the Mistresses.

I Have The High Ground (Jess Levine)- This two-player GM-less game is all about the tension present in a duel. I Have The High Ground uses game mechanics inspired by fencing and players choose their moves in secret, allowing for the “slow, smoldering” tension to be front and center.

Dwelling (Good Luck Press) - Ready for a spooky night in? In the solo narrative-driven game Dwelling, you will wander through an old house at night, meeting strange spectres and witnessing supernatural occurrences.

You can also check out Peregrine Coast Press publications like our well-loved Filmmakers Without Cameras: The Trilogy and solo journaling TTRPG Transmission for Them. Prints from our FWC Kickstarter campaign will also be available for purchase!

I can’t make it to UKGE. Can I still purchase games through the shop?

Yes… but after UKGE! Since we’re a small team (there’s only four of us), we don’t have the capacity to simultaneously manage online retail and retailing at a huge event like UKGE. The shop will reopen after the weekend is over!

Sydney Bollinger

Sydney Bollinger

Sydney Bollinger (she/her) is an arts & entertainment and climate writer based in Charleston, S.C. She has an MS in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana.
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